Tips for a safe Halloween for babies and toddlers

What are you and your little ones plans for Halloween 2021? Looking around the neighbourhoods at the moment we can see that tick-or-treating is still on the families agenda. And a little planning ahead to take some extra precautions to ensure a happy and safe celebration as much as possible in the light of health concerns still lingering this year. We have put together some top safety tips to help you plan.

Keep your route short

This year it's not so much about quantity, keeping your route short and closer to home decreases the number of interactions to reduce risk, perhaps stay in your street and don't venture too far out the surrounding areas.

Trick-or-treat in driveways if possible

Instead of going door-to-door, try a more open air experience this year, talk with your neighbours and look at ways of having treats not at the door so there can be more space for the children and not walking up narrow walkways.

Try new ways of handing out treats

Setup a table or blanket to have the treats in a spread out fashion, not in tight bowls or buckets so kids don't need to stick their hands into a communal container. Look at providing individually wrapped treats. And hand sanitiser, keep a bottle available for anyone who needs it, remember they're coming into your yard as well.

Skip trick-or-treating and get creative with other fun ideas

Instead of hitting the pavement, think of some fun games or activities you can do at home. Some ideas I have seen circulating around: virtual costume contest with friends; outdoor movie night; candy scavenger hunt in backyard.

In need of some last minute costume ideas? here are a few quick gold ones:

old-lady halloween costume

The old lady: this one is hilarious for little one that can stand, cotton wool balls glued to a beanie, a frilly dress and mock pearl neckless - add in a walker and you're done!

The tired mummy: bags under the eyes (just a bit of that black eye shadow that you no longer use), mum bun and baby in arms

Lady bug: red top and pants, stick on some black circles

Share your costume ideas, we'd love to hear them. Stay safe and have fun no matter what your Halloween celebrations are.

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