about us

Sass like Isla
Inspiration behind the idea

Inspired by my gorgeous baby girl, her quirky personality, attitude and being a new mum.

Sass like Isla was created with a passion for babywear, being part of a community of amazing new mummas, and other small business owners. I wanted to create something beautiful that reflected the personalities, chaos, and beauty of our little ones. Watching my girl grow up, her attitude, her demanding nature, and the simple beauty of her with that sparkle in her eye and recognition as she spies me walk across the room, her little head following me and that sneaky smile all makes my day, you know what I mean. Bringing that personality out in quality babywear for all the sassy monkeys that they are. Beautiful chaos, and these tiny parcels of joy.

I am a full-time working new mum, following a dream, inspired by a hobby and turned into a passion. Being a new mum experiencing these moments, to share my inspiration in beautiful babywear. I do this in my spare time, with the support of my gorgeous husband, around the chaos and mess that my little girl leaves behind in her whirlwind.

My goal is to create a community of gorgeous new mummas, with a love of expressing their bubs personalities, creating more designs as I watch my little girl grow up and all her little friends to expand the range, sharing my experiences through babywear , accessories and being a mum as we grow together.

Its all about their Sass, what they put us through, and how amazingly gorgeous they are.

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