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100% cotton cotton new mumma onesies sass

First time mum at 40 to my gorgeous baby girl, Isla. I hadn't spent a lot of time around babies as I was overseas when my niece and nephew were born, so I had no idea what to expect. We had been trying for a couple of years before being blessed by our little treasure, but it hasn't been all roses, she definitely has attitude and a strong personality that we saw right from the beginning. Isla was my inspiration for creating my label. 

I found myself spending many hours awake especially around 3am, I got to "meet" other gorgeous new mummers and small business owners all over the world, and fell in love with my new world. It made me feel part of something, and not alone, which sometimes it felt like trying to get Isla back to sleep five times a night.

As my daughter would live in onesies from day one, and even now at almost 1 year old, I wanted them to be more than just white, or stripes, giraffes or ducks, something that reflected her personality. She is a little independent girl that knows what she wants and nothing is going to stand in her way, and we realised at an early age she suffered from FOMO, not wanting to miss anything, which meant no sleep for bub and mum.

That is where "Lucky I'm beautiful" came from. I would hear it a lot as her bottom lip would droop down and her face would squish up ready to cry because I wasn't holding her, because she didn't want to sleep, just because, with content attitude, but all I heard and all I thought as I looked at her through my puffy sleep deprived eyes - Lucky you are beautiful. Yes, she gets away with everything. And from there, Sass like Isla was born.

I wanted to create a range of onesies that were gorgeously soft, and spoke to the little ones personalities, truthfully and beautifully, and the struggles that we all know as new mummers, a new adventure that changes your life forever.

The designs I have chosen using quality materials, 100% cotton, for breathability, softness for babies, with a neckline that expands so you can pull down rather than over the head for those "messy" moments, it's a life saver I have had many struggles, some funny stories which I will get into in another blog. Every aspect I have designed is from my experience as a new mumma, understanding what works well to make your life easier and learning the personality of my gorgeous girl and the wonderful bubs in my parents group, as they have all been growing over the past year.

I have started out with a small range, but as I experience my gorgeous girl grow up, and her little friends around her, I hope to add more, as I learn more of their personalities, traits, and sass.

I hope to write about my experiences, and life hacks for being a mum, let you enter my world of other great mummas I have met over this past year, how they've helped me stay sane and be inspired. I am about to throw my girl her first birthday party so I will be sharing some ideas and inspirations with you as well.

Welcome to the world of new mummas, gorgeous bubs, and hopefully gorgeous accessories (to come in 2018 sometime). I hope to learn about your bubs too, and if they have sass, like Isla.

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